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PKM GALLERY is proud to announce an exhibition of new work by Wang Qingsong, his first solo show of new works in China in eight years. This exhibition, "Caution", is a continuation of Wang Qingsong's use of meticulously planned and constructed sets as a backdrop for photographic questioning of familiar cultural signs, symbols and skepticism related to China's recent rapid changes. For the first time, the artist presents a site-specific installation set created within the gallery space where the interior is completely wrapped in the ubiquitous red, white and blue, striped tarp that blankets much of China's evolving urban landscape, transforming the gallery into a circus-like construction site with a marked sense of impermanence. The all-encompassing nature of the installation compels the audience to become part of the artwork, a fact which is heightened by the surveillance system installed on the gallery's second floor which allows viewers to observe their counterparts on the first floor. Through exhibiting the photographs and the set side by side, this exhibition allows insight into Wang Qingsong's creative process like never before.
Wang Qingsong's work has been the subject of numerous solo exhibitions and group shows around the world at institutions and events including the Rencontres d'Arles in France (2006), the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo (2005), the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver (2004), the International Center for Photography (2004 and 2006) and PS1 Contemporary Art Center (2002) in New York.

PKM 画廊将荣幸举办王庆松老师近八年来-其在国内首次的新作品个展。本次展览《小心》是王庆松老师之前对细致策划和构思的布景运用的一种延续,在这种布景下,是对中国快速变迁及人们所熟识的文化符号的详细追问。王庆松将首次展示场馆空间设置的定点装置,令馆内完全被当代中国都市景象中随处可见的彩条布所覆盖,将画廊转换成如马戏一般的建筑工地,并带有一种明显的无常之感。该装置无处不在的特征使观者成为其作品的一部分,而通过画廊二楼安装的监控系统又能够审视一楼的观者,也更加增强了融入的特征。摄影作品与布景的并列展示将以前所未有的方式,体现王庆松老师的创造过程。

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