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Chun Kwang-young adds color to hanji assemblages
By Kwon Mee-yoo

Artist Chun Kwang-young is known for his unique and labor-intensive "Aggregation" series. Like him, many artists from East Asia are inspired by antique books and use time-yellowed paper sheets to create artwork. But what makes him unique is that he's the only one who creates three-dimensional pieces by putting triangular objects with old paper onto canvas.

His latest works on view at solo exhibition "KWANG YOUNG CHUN: WORKS 1975-2018" at the PKM Gallery in central Seoul are bursting with colors he did not use before.

"As every day is different in our lives, my latest works are much different from what I presented years ago," Chun said at a press conference.

"Now I understand our ancestors better through folk craftworks and such understandings are dissolved in my works."

Previously, he used tea and coffee to dye hanji in natural-looking tones, but recently he roams around traditional markets in search of more dynamic natural colorants.

"I go to Gyeongdong Market and ask medicinal herb sellers about gardenia seeds and Chinese matrimony-vine fruits," the artist said.

"Aggregation18-JA001 (Dream1)" has vibrant yellow colors dyed from gardenia seeds. "I was inspired by yellow 'jeogori' of a girl who reached marriageable age."

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