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CULTURE CUTS - Cody Choi's Retrospective in Düs­sel­dor­f

Kunsthalle Dusseldorf will organize and host the world’s first ever retrospective for native Korean artist Cody Choi (born 1961 in Seoul, where he still lives). Choi is engaged with painting, sculpturing, neon, installations, ink drawings and computer graphics. Since the 1980s, he has been working in Los Angeles and New York and assuming a key role in the international art scene, significantly contributing to the intercultural dialog. In his works, the artist addresses the media- and culture- related conflicts between the Eastern and the Western world and the reckless westernization of Asia. Being considered “Asian” in the US and “American” back home since 2002, his works focus on various areas of conflict related to cultural socialization and assimilation. In relation to Auguste Rodin, Mike Kelley or Gerhard Richter, philosophical as well as esthetic subjects and clichés are worked up in the sense of appropriation art.

The exhibition tour will be coordinated by John C. Welchman, Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts, Los Angeles, and will also stop by in Zwolle, NL, and at the MAC in Marseille.

*Click here to visit official website of Kunsthalle Düs­sel­dor­f.

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